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Touch yourself

 Touch yourself


Friends many years ago has sought to create awareness among women to explore their body, especially the breasts, the idea is self-exploration, raise awareness about health, especially in the prevention of breast and cervical cancer, thereby preventing damage Older, we must become aware, be vigilant in our body's behavior, be observant about any out-of-normal occurrence, and quickly go to a specialist.

In my opinion are 3 important points, we must assume them as a mandatory, and seriously, to explore your body, visit the gynecologist once a year and fully carry out the examinations suggested by the doctor (laboratory tests, mammography or other studies).

We all must take responsibility with our health, each one knows its body, then it assumes consciousness and takes action, a few minutes of your time in self exploration can change the course of the possible events, remember to prevent is better than to regret.

Self-exploration may be just after a shower, or when we get to sleep, is to include it somehow in our daily routine, and then it will be easy to carry it out. Self-exploration is initiated by hand massaging circularly around the nipple, and under the armpit. We should also be aware of any strange changes in our breasts, redness, some bumps, secretions expelled by the nipple, being alert is important.

Friends take time to attend once a year to our check is a priority, we are responsible with our health.

Sandra De Quiroz                                                                                        

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